Thanks to our Zombie Runners!!


Thanks to all who participated in this year’s Zombie Run and Zom-Wee Run! We so appreciate your warm support on a cold day! Below, please find some great photos taken for us by Scot Mohler!

Attached in this document (zombie-run-2015-all-runners-times-FINAL) are the race times; if you did not have your number tab removed at the finish, we were not able to provide a race time for you–sorry! Thanks again for coming out in the cold for Project: LEARN! zombie run 2015 all runners times FINAL

Congratulations to our winners this year:

Top Three Survivors–Finished With At Least 1 Life Flag Intact

Alexa Shearer 24:51
Lorn Mahoney 27:13
Cynthia Chagin 29:11
Top Three Female Finishers–“Dead” or “Alive”

Sue Mullen 22:53
Kailey Mullen 22:55
Anna Longman 25:29
Top Three Male Finishers–“Dead” or “Alive”

Joe Dutko 21:58
Steven States 22:33
Brian Mullen 23:47
Thanks to all the Zombies who haunted the course and the volunteers who made this event possible!

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