A Month of Thankgsiving: Fran and The BookShelf


Fran Miller has volunteered at the Wadsworth BookShelf since just after the store opened in 2011.  Here’s one of her favorite stories about working in the store, and her thoughts about what she enjoys most about her volunteer experience:

I was here the afternoon that the students from Central Intermediate School brought in 3,000 books.  And I was just overwhelmed, and they were having so much fun.  Just watching their faces—that was awesome!  I mean kid after kid was carrying a box, and the newspaper reporter was here with them, she came in and took a picture of the teacher and two or three of the kids.  They looked so happy to be doing something worthwhile—that was a great experience for me.


Students from Central Intermediate School in Wadsworth pose with a few of the over 3,000 their school donated to Project: LEARN’s Wadsworth BookShelf in April, 2015.


Fran, hard at work in the Children’s section….


It’s interesting to hear the comments of people the first time they come in here.  [What do they say?] “Oh, how quaint!  How cute! You’ve done such a good job here! I’m going to tell my friends about this!  I’ll be back!” “It smells so good!”  [laughter]  You know, I’ve been in some used bookstores, and some of them aren’t the most aromatic places.

All the interesting things that go through your hands…all the books that you never dreamed that people would read or buy at a regular bookstore.  It just amazes me.  Somebody will bring in a box of books with a very eclectic group of books.  It’s such an interesting thing to do, to go through those books, and sort them out, and put them where they go.  The people that you meet…I mean, I have a lot of my own personal friends that come in here.  A lot of people that I’ve met from church come in and say “Oh, you’re working here!” And it’s really interesting to meet and see all the people whether you know them or not…lots of interesting characters out there. To say you’re doing something to help somebody else.  There’s work involved, yes, but you have your downtime too.  You know, being retired, I don’t have to get up and go to work every day, but yet I need something to keep me involved, and this is fantastic, because of the activity, and the various types of people that you meet. It’s a lot of fun for me.




Fran Miller is a Wadsworth BookShelf volunteer with Project: LEARN of Medina County. We are holding a fundraiser this month to ensure that all adults in Medina County with learning needs can continue to get all the help they require, at no cost to them. A small donation will go a long way, so please consider donating: http://tinyurl.com/zxh9r6e. We welcome new BookShelf volunteers, tutors, and book shoppers and donors!

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