A Month of Thanksgiving: Denise Loves Books!!



Denise Loves Books!!

Denise Laux is the volunteer coordinator for Project: LEARN’s Brunswick BookShelf.  Here are her thoughts on why she likes to volunteer in our bookstore:

I started with The Brunswick BookShelf the month it opened. For me, volunteering here was a lifesaver.  I needed to get out of the house. I had been very sick and when I wanted to go back to work, my position had been eliminated. I decided I better find something to do to occupy my time or I was going to get really depressed. I saw an article about Project: LEARN, and what we do [in tutoring students to learn to read]. I can’t imagine not being able to read. That would be the worst thing.  Reading is an escape for so many people.  You can read whatever you want, go wherever you want. You can be whatever you want.  I love George R.R. Martin’s quote about pitying the man that doesn’t read…[“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one.”  George R. R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons] It’s true!  My kids would laugh at my reading of historical romances. They are fast and easy to read, don’t require a lot of thinking and it was when I was busy working. Then I’d come up with some fact, and they’d say “where’d you learn that?”, and I’d say “From my books!”  There’s a lot of research that goes into these books!


When I came here, it’s just a wonderful place, everybody is so nice, you meet so many nice people. The best story is the first time I came to work I bought $50 worth of books!  I went home and my husband said “This volunteering is costing me money!”

One of the best parts about volunteering here is seeing the kids getting books.  The little kids who are so excited to read.  I love seeing that.  If you start them young, they’re going to love to read all their life.  We get some of the brightest little kids in here.  You just drop your jaw in wonder at how smart they are.  We can provide something for them.  Everybody likes to have their own books.  The library is wonderful, wonderful, but for a nominal price you have your own book, and you don’t have to give it back, you can keep it for as long as you want and read it over and over again.

Denise Laux is one of our most valued and loyal BookShelf volunteers.  If you are interested in becoming a BookShelf volunteer (we have stores in Brunswick, Wadsworth and Medina), please call 330-723-1314 or email us at projectlearn.medina@gmail.com for more information.  This fall, we are celebrating all of our volunteers with A Month of Thanksgiving, telling their stories.  Please support our fall fundraiser by making a donation here.  Thank you, and thank you, Denise, for sharing your love of books with Project: LEARN!



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