A Month of Thanksgiving: James’ Story


“A Month of Thanksgiving: James’ Story”


James Lloyd, volunteer with Project: LEARN for over 3 years


James has volunteered with Project: LEARN for over 3 years. We are sad to say that, after recently completing his Masters in Library Science at Kent State University, he is leaving us to take a position with Marion Public Library in Marion, Ohio. Before he left, he shared his thoughts on volunteering for us:

James: “I can’t pinpoint the exact time that I decided that I wanted to be a librarian—it formed organically—but [volunteering with Project: LEARN] was definitely something that influenced me. The whole community engagement, community involvement, working in a bookstore and volunteering for an organization concerned about literacy…and education in the community…it just kind of organically fit into what has become my Life Plan…..

“I would say that while we should be thankful for the work that groups like this do in the community for people who need that work, I think we should also be grateful that they exist for the people who need to find a place to do that work. If there’s no really good charity and community engagement groups in a community, you have two missing pieces: you have people who maybe need services they’re not getting, and you have people that maybe need to fill part of their lives by giving those services, and that’s maybe one of the sides that people don’t see about a nonprofit. You’re giving in two different directions. You’re giving people something to do that’s meaningful for them, they really enjoy, and also making a difference in people’s lives by doing that work.”

James has been a bookstore volunteer, tutor, and event committee member with Project: LEARN. We will miss him greatly and wish him all the best as he continues his career as a community engagement librarian. If you would like to assist Project: LEARN with our work serving adult learners in this community, please visit our Generosity site here: http://tinyurl.com/zxh9r6e.

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