A Month of Thanksgiving: “We’re Partial to Chocolate!”



Brunswick BookShelf volunteer Rita



Brunswick BookShelf volunteers Lynn and Rita


Brunswick BookShelf volunteer Gale









“We’re Partial to Chocolate”

The scene:  the three Monday afternoon volunteers in Brunswick—Lynn, Rita and Gale—are telling stories about their volunteer time at The BookShelf, where one of their jobs is sorting and shelving donated books:

Lynn:  We had a gentleman whose wife called and said “My husband brought some books in to donate on Saturday, and there was a book in there that I wasn’t ready for him to donate. By any chance do you have the book?” And I said, well, give me the title and I’ll go look. So I went and looked on the shelf and, sure enough, there’s the book.  So I said to her, yes, we have it, and she said [very serious voice], “He’s coming right now.” And I said Okay, we’ll have it for him at the desk.

Rita:  Then a bit later, in walks this gentleman, and we knew exactly who he was. He had this look on his face…

Lynn: … and he said “I’m here to buy a book that I wasn’t supposed to donate.” And I said, you’re not buying it, take the book and when your wife is done with it, you can donate it back to us. And he said, “Oh, you ladies are wonderful, you have saved my caboose.  Is there anything I can do for you?” And Gale says, “Well, we’re partial to chocolates!”

Rita, Gale, Lynn:  (Laughter)

Lynn:  And he went down to the store, bought us a box of chocolates…

Gale:  A Whitman’s Sampler!  My favorite!

Lynn:  All to say “thank you” for saving his caboose!

Rita:  So then Gale says, “What about your wife?  These chocolates should be going to your wife!”  And he goes, “Oh, I have another box in the car!”

Rita, Lynn, Gale: (Laughter)

Rita:  So that’s the fun part, working here. But the sentimental part is watching a student come up from the back of the store, where they’ve been working. Watching the students work so hard, that’s a great part of working here, too.

Lynn:  [Before we retired,] Gale was a tutor, Rita and I were teachers.  For me, it’s a feeling of satisfaction that you know what you’re doing is helping someone.  People come in and they’re surprised that we would volunteer to do this, but we volunteer because we believe in what we’re doing and who we’re helping. So it makes a big difference to us, when we see students being successful, when we hear the success stories, and we get to talk to some of the tutors….

Rita:  It’s enjoyable being around watching them succeed.


Rita, Lynn and Gale are Project: LEARN BookShelf store volunteers in Brunswick.  Their talents support our mission to ensure that every adult in Medina County can receive free, one-on-one tutoring for any learning need, at any time. To help these ladies support our work at Project: LEARN, please consider donating by visiting here:  https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/project-learn-s-a-month-of-thanksgiving/x/15288084

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