BookShelf Stores Inspire Other Organizations to Start Their Own


In March, 2010, former Executive Director Linda Smalley spoke at a national convention for adult education about creating a used bookstore to support adult literacy.  Travis DiNicola, Executive Director for Indy Reads attended the session and said that the session made the convention worthwhile for him. He noted: “This is something that our board really wanted to do but there was no model for it.” Indy Reads is a literacy organization serving all of Indianapolis and some of the surrounding suburbs. It has a budget three times the size of Medina County’s Project: LEARN, but  it was facing a shortfall.

In October, 2010, Travis visited both sites in Medina County. He liked both stores and noted that each store fit well with its surrounding neighborhood. This confirmed his belief that the same solution would work for Indianapolis. He had a place in mind in downtown Indianapolis in a renovated area of trendy shops. After seeing the Brunswick store, he began planning his second location.

It was ironic that during Candlelight Walk that year, we had a customer from Indianapolis who really enjoyed The BookShelf. When we told him Indy Reads was planning one for Indianapolis, he pledged to be their first customer.

Well, the store in Indianapolis is now operational, and it looks amazing!  Visit to see more information about the bookstore and Indy Reads!  It’s such a win-win for everyone…supporting literacy by sharing good books at lower prices! Project: LEARN is so proud to have helped another community to have their own stores, supporting their own literacy organizations.

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