Change a Life: Become a Tutor for Project: LEARN


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Change a life! Become a tutor!

Project: LEARN offers training for potential volunteer tutors throughout the year. Project: LEARN’s mission is to improve lives and strengthen communities by helping adults improve fundamental skills in reading, problem solving, and the English language. Right now, we are experiencing a high demand for our services and we need more committed tutors who have the ability to connect and communicate with individuals who have not found success in the traditional classroom setting.

We hear every day from adults who can no longer get a job without a high school diploma or their GED. We want to help get folks back to work by giving them the skills they need to pass the GED so they have a chance in this competitive job market. We also have a need for tutors who can help the many adults who contact us for assistance with learning English as a second language.

We need men and women over the age of 21 with some college education and/or who have had teaching or training experience. Kathy Mesick, supervising tutor at the Medina location, states: “What is most important is that the tutor is willing to serve as a cheerleader for an adult learner. If you have a flexible schedule and a desire to help another adult to change his or her life, I promise every volunteer that they will find the experience very rewarding.”

This tutor information session is offered Friday, July 24th at the Medina Library in Community Room B from 10am-12noon. We would love to meet with prospective tutors interested in working with any of our populations: GED students, basic literacy students, or students learning English as a Second Language. Training is free. Potential tutors from anywhere in Medina County are welcome—we have centers in Medina, Wadsworth, Brunswick, and Lodi. Please call 330-723-1314 or email if you would like to register for the session, or if you have questions. If you can’t make this training session, we can make an appointment to see you at a more convenient time.

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