Change a Life: Support Project: LEARN’s Campaign 2014


Imagine how scary it would be to arrive in the United States and not know one word of English besides “hello.”  How anxious you might be if you lost your job and knew that your lack of a high school diploma would be a huge barrier to applying for new jobs.

The Medina County community has made it possible for Project: LEARN to help adults in our county overcome these barriers—helping adults learn to read, pass the GED examination, or learn English for the first time.

Without your help, we could not have changed the lives of hundreds of students in the past 31 years, providing  every student with absolutely free tutoring, books, materials and services to help them achieve their goals.

Your support has enabled us to grow so much, especially over the last 5 years. We now have 6 part-time staff members, three tutoring/bookstore locations, and over 270 volunteers who assist us in fulfilling our mission to enhance lives and strengthen communities by helping adults to improve fundamental skills.

Today, we ask for your help as we seek to expand our reach to Lodi by offering tutoring services in partnership with the new Lodi Family Center. We know the need is great:  Lodi community members have been asking us to provide tutoring in Southwest Medina County for years. Previous attempts to establish a Lodi site have been unsuccessful. Lodi has a higher concentration of poverty than other areas in the county, and we know that poverty goes hand in hand with lower skill levels and educational attainment in adults.

We also need to rent additional space in Wadsworth so that our tutoring space is larger than a closet-sized room.

Our use of volunteer tutors and bookstore helpers keeps our expenses low, but our tutoring materials—books, calculators, computers, specialized software, and workbooks—increase in cost every year.  Last fiscal year, we spent over $19,000 on books alone.  While our popular used book stores provide for about 50% of our costs, and the United Way of Medina County provides another 20%, we count on donations from individuals and corporations, and grant dollars to meet the remaining 30% of our expenses.  (UPDATE:  The United Way of Medina County just cut funding to our English as a Second Language tutoring program…we will need to increase fundraising to make up for this loss in funds.)

Your support would enable us to expand our reach, to serve more adults who need our help, to ensure that high quality materials are always available for every adult who walks through our doors.  Can you help?

Please consider a donation to Project: LEARN today, so we can continue to help adults throughout Medina County tomorrow.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and click the “Donate Now” button in the bottom right corner, or send a donation to our offices at this address:

Project: LEARN of Medina County
105 W. Liberty Street
Medina, OH  44256

Your donation is tax-deductible, as we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Every dollar will assist us with fulfilling our mission to help Medina County adults improve their skills.  Thank you for your support!  For more ways to support Project: LEARN, please visit this page.

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