Match Wits 2014

Match Wits 2014–Thanks to All Participants!

Our sincere thanks to all 16 teams who competed April 24th in Match Wits 2014!  What a fun night!

Quizmaster Tony Robinson asked the questions from categories that played off our organization’s name: L for Literature, E for Entertainment, A for human Achievement, R for Rx/Medical, N for Nonsense, O (of) for Ohio Sports and M (Medina County) Medina County History.  A lively crowd of 16 teams participated, representing both organizations from around Medina County, as well as groups of friends who simply love trivia games.  Competing teams are listed below.

A bonus offering this year was the chance to win the help of a “topic guru,” an expert in a particular category who came to sit with the table during the questions for that round.  Project: LEARN is grateful to our gurus who generously gave of their time and trivia talents:   County Commissioner Steve Hambley, “Medina County History” guru; former Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant Guy Frangipane, “Nonsense/General Info” guru; recent Jeopardy! winner Matt Kish, “Entertainment” guru; local 7th grader Gwyneth Higgins, “Human Achievements” guru, and Todd Stumpf from the Post Newspapers as our “Ohio sports” guru.

Match Wits would not have been possible without the support of our corporate sponsors.  We thank The Westfield Group, C:DOX Marketing & Apparel, and the Post Newspapers for their support.  Participants enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner in the banquet room at Coppertop and Cherokee Hills Country Club in Valley City before the quiz began.

The winning team for 2014 is the team from the Medina County District Libraries!  Their score of 40 points out of a possible 42 was tops on the evening in a very tight competition.  Coming in a very close second was the team from Project: LEARN’s Wadsworth BookShelf, with a score of 39 points.  There was a tie for third place, with Team Westfield from the Westfield Group, The Half-Wits (a group of Project: LEARN volunteers and friends) and The Right Stuff (Medina County Republican Party members) all finishing with 38 points.

The Medina County District Library team members each received an engraved picture frame as their prize for winning the game; Project: LEARN will be sending the team members a photograph of their team for the frame as a lasting memory of their victory.  C:DOX Marketing & Apparel sponsored the prizes for this year’s event.

Thanks to all our participating teams, and congratulations to the top finishers:

Match Wits 2014 Results:

Winners:  Medina County District Library (40/42 points)

Second Place:  Wadsworth BookShelf Guys and Dolls (39/42 points)

Third Place:  Three-way tie:  Team Westfield, The Half-Wits, and The Right Stuff (38/42 points)


All participating teams:

Table 1:  Team Westfield:  Participants:  Glenn Cameron,  Jodi Crawford, Matt Gabel, Lori Gabel, Ray Carter, Dawn Carter, Chuck Weaver, Aparna Konduri

Table 2:  Team Purple Power:  C:DOX Marketing & Apparel:  Participants:  Steve Vojvodich, Kelly Vojvodich, Bob Destefanis, Willy Destefanis, Marty Bohn, Jessican Sheneman

Table 3:  The Post Newspapers: Participants:  Karl Gerhard, Todd Stumpf, Terry Brlas, Rob Briggs, Tami Cassidy and Kevin McManus

Table 4:  Average Joes:  Participants:  Kelley Jones, Chris Jones, Jeanne Hurt, John Hurt, Maria Burk, Jon Burk, Connie Cubis, Paul Cubis, Kathy Frangipane

Table 5:  Medina BookShelf Volunteers and Friends:  Participants:  Sandy Brown, Bob Brown, Tom Alder, Maria Alder, Mary Ogden

Table 6: Wadsworth BookShelf Guys and Dolls:  Participants: Diane Shreve, Jeff Vogel, Loretta Wilson, Fran Miller, Jim Cormany, Pam Watkins, Mark Watkins, Cindy Gramuglia

Table 7: Brunswick BookShelf and Friends:  Participants:  Louise Brown, Jeannette Zebris, Connie Bilski, Mary-Jo Koliha,  John Koliha, Jeannie Aglinsky, Reine Massaad, Chris Jakab

Table 8: Medina County District Library:   Participants:  Susan Ungham, Beth Myers, Christine Weaver-Pieh, Kym Lucas, Justin Schwin, Tammy Handrasy, Theresa Laffey, Carole Kowell

Table 9: The Nit Wits:  Participants:  Laura Parnell, Ben Cavey, Deb Grant, Melissa Krebs, Mike Kovack, Tom Stephans, Marian Kopp

Table 10: Team Tri-C:  Participants:  Michael Collura, Robert Carroll, Magda Gomez, Katie Khoury, Kim Brooks, Gerry Nemeth, David Nardecchia, Kevin Berg

Table 11: Team Nicolay and Friends:  Participants:  Kelsey Nicolay, Debbie Nicolay, Geri Kochi, Jeannie Pak, Luanne Francescangeli, Cindy Volk, Bill Nicolay, Shannon Pieh

Table 12:  The Right Stuff: Members of the Medina County Republican Party:   Participants:  Lori Werner, Gary Werner, Colleen Swedyk, Jack Swedyk, Sharon Ray, Matt Ray, Kathryn Truman, Vance Truman

Table 13:  Project: LEARN Board and Friends:  Participants:  Cindi White, Karen Finn, Judy Piorkowski, Bill Whelan, Bill Ward, Lynn Koch, Marilyn Stano

Table 14:  Mambo No. 4/15:  Participants:  Gina Ardillo, Claire Schwab, Carrie Rogers, Jamie Hilborn, James Skakun, Christine May, Kyle Johnston, Caitlin Lucas

Table 15:  1040 IQ:  Participants:  Melissa Orenich, Tim Orenich, Marty Jay, Darci Jay, Cindy Mitchell, Dennis Mitchell, Scott Snyder, Amy Snyder

Table 16:  The Half-Wits: Participants:  James Lloyd, Casey Kuhajda, Addie Schneider, Amy Lloyd, Dorothy Davis, Kelly Kriner, Joe Kriner, A.J. Kriner