Join Us for Harry Potter’s Birthday Party on July 31st!!!


harry potter cursed child book

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a new play set in the Harry Potter universe, will be released as a book on Sunday, July 31st, Harry Potter’s birthday!  In celebration, Project: LEARN’s Medina BookShelf location is hosting a Harry Potter Birthday Party on July 31st from 1pm to 3pm!

Fans can preorder their book and pick it up on release day at the birthday party, or later in the week at any of our BookShelf locations.  Just stop in and fill out a preorder sheet and prepay–preorders are $27.00, 10% off the cover price!  August 1st and thereafter, you can still get the book from us at the regular price, $30.00.

Festivities will include:

  • Harry Potter Costume Contest, with three divisions:  Child (12 and under), Teen (13-18) and Adult (19 and over); contest begins at 2pm and will be held at Cool Beans Cafe, next door to the Medina BookShelf location on Medina Square
  • Birthday cupcakes, polyjuice potion, chocolate frogs and chocolate-covered pretzel wands at The BookShelf
  • Selfie Station:  take a selfie to show all your friends in front of our Platform 9 3/4 backdrop in the lobby of The BookShelf!
  • Lightning Bolt temporary tattoos!
  • Book pickup  or purchase:  preordered books will be available for pickup between 1pm and 3pm–or you can purchase your book that day as well.  Books will be $27, 10% off the cover price.  After July 31st, the price returns to the cover price of $30.

Other Medina Square merchants are getting in on the Harry Potter excitement:

  • Besides hosting the Harry Potter Costume Contest, Cool Beans Cafe will have Harry Potter mugs and cups for sale, and will be offering kid friendly Potter drink specials, such as Polyjuice Potion – Green Apple smoothies,
    Butter Beer – buttered cream sodas, Pumpkin Juice- Pumpkin Spice Frappes, and lightening bolt and Potter glasses cookies!
  • Wear your costume down to All Fired Up paint-your-own pottery studio on July 31st, and pay NO studio fees on the item of your choice!  All Fired Up is open from 1pm-5pm on July 31st, so after our contest is complete, you’ll have plenty of time to visit their studio and create a memory from that day!
  • P.J. Marley’s is experimenting with actual Butter Beer!  Visit their restaurant to sample that offering or any of the great beers and burgers on the menu!
  • Prizes for the costume contest will include a basket from Discount Drug Mart, gift certificates to The Gingerbread House, a basket from Something’s Popping!, a gift certificate to P.J. Marley’s restaurant, and other terrific awards!

Great thanks to our sponsors for this event:  Cool Beans Cafe, A Cupcake A Day, Discount Drug Mart, The Gingerbread House, Something’s Popping, and P.J. Marley’s.  More festivities and prizes may be added as the date nears, so check back here for more details, or follow us on Facebook for all the updates!  See you on July 31st!

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