New Policies at Project: LEARN’s BookShelf


Since Project: LEARN’s first BookShelf store opened in 2008, we have chosen to charge the customer a flat rate price for each type of book.  The sales tax on that book was calculated into the price.

Going forward, we cannot maintain that pricing structure.  As our fixed costs have increased (rent, utilities, program materials, etc.), we can no longer pay the tax out of the purchase price of the books. Beginning on September 1, 2017, we will add sales tax to the cost of each book at checkout.

We hope our loyal customer s understand that we need to make this change to our pricing structure in order to maintain our current levels of service to the community. Our book prices will not change for now—we are simply adding sales tax to the purchases rather than taking the sales tax out of our book prices.

This is NOT in response to any change in state law.  Rather, it is the Board of Trustees making a difficult but necessary change in our policies in order to raise needed revenues for our programs. We want to stress that we have ALWAYS paid sales tax to the State of Ohio on all bookstore revenues—this was just invisible to the customer and volunteer.


We hope our customers will continue to shop with us–our low book prices, friendly volunteers, and great selection of gently used books aren’t changing!  We are the only used bookstores in the county, and we’re so grateful to Medina County residents for their longstanding and ongoing support. Our mission, to provide free, one-on-one tutoring support to adult learners, also remains unchanged. We are helping our students to brighter futures every day! See you soon at The BookShelf!

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