Project: LEARN’s Campaign 2014: A Student’s Story


Our dear friend and student, Reine Massaad, recently submitted this letter of support to Project: LEARN.  Please consider making a donation to Project: LEARN so we can expand our reach and help even more students in 2014 and beyond!  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Donate” button, or send your contribution to us at our main offices:

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Hi. My name is Reine Massaad.

Because my husband worked at the U.S Embassy for twenty five years, we got the immigrant visa. We came to the United States in July, 2009. In August when the children went to school, I was alone and had nothing to do. I knew about E.S.L classes at Medina Career Center. I took the classes for three months, until one of the teachers mentioned the Project: LEARN in Brunswick. Because I live in Brunswick, I start going there until now.

My first tutor was Mrs. Mary Kate. She was a nice teacher. She helped me with my language.

Then I participated in Mr. Pete’s classes. He is a focused, organized, and structured teacher. I like him so much with his smiley face. While he hibernates in Florida, I took Mrs. Lynda Kopaz’s classes. She taught me the real meaning of “friend.” The first day in her class I cried, I was lonely, homesick; she hugged me tightly like she knew me forever. Since then we became friends.

Two years later, in 2012, I wanted to earn my G.E.D. I asked Mrs. Linda Smalley for help. She volunteers to help me. Even though it wasn’t a long period of time, I benefitted a lot from her knowledge. I took the test and passed it with flying colors.

In 2013 I signed up for Tri-C College. My tutor Mrs. Jeanne was my savior. We use to spend five to six hours in doing essays. I owe her for my success in college. I am still with her.

Last but not least is Mrs. Fran Obarski. She is still my tutor. She is so funny that I forgot she is my teacher. She always gives me examples from her own life. There was always something funny to be discussed, something to be learned with a laugh. She is helping me fill out my naturalization papers.

I would gratefully thank these blessed people for all my improvements, my achievements and my successes.

I have lots of friends now. I love them all.

Never fear shadows, they simply mean there is a light shining somewhere nearby. Project: LEARN is that light!

Reine Massaad


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